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Rambler's Top100


Fearkiller - фото

Имя: Kirill Godovanyuk

Статус: музыкант

Стили: Psy Trance, Dark-Trance

Носители: CD

Откуда: Москва

Лейблы: Night Oracle Rec./ Insomnia Rec./ Moon Koradji Rec.

The first experiments with a sound in 1998-99. With 1999 for 2003 did music of absolutely different directions and moods... From Hardcore gabbba up to Drum'n'bass, Dub and Ambient... During too time there was a hobby for development goa trance, as a result has entered in psychedelic trance... Project Fearkiller has arisen in the beginning of 2005 year, after closing previous project Quazifreak. The new project has distinguished more rigid and fast, night sounding.
"I try to bring a maximum of philosophy, power and mysticism of a wood in which I often scoop energy for the future compositions in each track."